JUSTIN: Justin and I started dating my junior year of college, the same year he opened up the High Rock Café. So, we have been together now for over 10 years, and married for 5….wow that’s crazy! Justin is an amazing chef and he is my best friend. He is hard working, honest, generous and is an amazing partner. We love spending time outdoors together, out on our pontoon boat, kayaks or exploring new hiking trails with our pup! We have recently discovered tons of awesome waterways that are within an hour or so from Wis. Dells and we love exploring Wisconsin. We are also major foodies, and are always searching for new restaurants and dishes to keep us inspired. If you have any places that are “must eats” – let me know, we are always up for an adventure.


JAKE: Jake is my first dog….ever, so he is pretty much like my child. I never had a dog growing up and I had always wanted one. We found Jake at a rescue home in Pardeeville about 5 years ago and he is seriously the best dog in the whole world and I tell him that everyday. He’s really smart and gentle and loves all other dogs. You can find him sleeping in his plush dog bed right next to me in my studio everyday while I am working. Sometimes I think Justin gets a little jealous because I honestly will give Jake more kisses in a day than I will him. I truly had no idea how much a dog can open up your heart, but he most definitely has mine.